Brielle Zolciak Posts Personal Tweet About Kim and Kroy — Too Cute or TMI?
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Brielle Zolciak Posts Personal Tweet About Kim and Kroy — Too Cute or TMI?

Kim Zolciak is just a few weeks away from giving birth to her twins and even the smallest tasks are proving to be a challenge. We highly doubt Kim is able to tie her own shoes at this point, but we never thought that something as simple as snuggling would be off the table. But, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member can thank her daughter for sharing that little tidbit of info with the rest of the world.

Brielle took to her Twitter to post what she clearly thinks is a hilarious revelation.

"'You're hard to snuggle because you're so big' - kroy to kim #bigbellyprobs," Brielle wrote on the social media site.

Kim retweeted the sentiment, adding, "I'm glad u 2 think it's funny."

The newest additions to the Biermann clan are due this month. Kim and Kroy decided they wanted to be surprised, so we've yet to find out if they are having two more little boys, two little girls, or one of each. We can't wait to get the news ourselves, so we can only imagine how anxious Kim must be feeling at this point!

As for Brielle's tweet, maybe it was a bit more information than she needed to share. After all, cracking jokes at the expense of women who are eight-plus months pregnant is never a good idea.

On the upside, Kim probably thinks it's pretty humorous, too, otherwise she wouldn't have shared Brielle's original tweet in the first place.

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