Britney Spears Teaches Us About Funky, Cool Emails in Throwback Thursday Video
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Britney Spears Teaches Us About Funky, Cool Emails in Throwback Thursday Video

Remember when Britney Spears was super new to the music world? We’re not even talking the time she did the “(You Drive Me) Crazy” episode of Making the Video on MTV. We mean, like, press tours when she was still unknown. We mean specials about the “...Baby One More Time” singer who seemingly came out of nowhere. That long ago…

Well, if you’ve forgotten, then we would like to help you get back on that train to memory land with the help of just one simple video. In honor of the universal holiday we all now celebrate — Throwback Thursday — we present to you a composite video a special fan uploaded, called “Britney Spears: Funky, Cool, Emailer.”

Behold the glory.

In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite things:

1) “‘Email My Heart’ is, like, a song everyone can relate to, you know… everyone has been doing emails. And it’s ‘Email My Heart,’ so everyone can relate to it.”

2) The rose-colored glasses and the face she makes when she raises em up in the air.

3) “She’s got an excellent voice. You know, what I heard in the Backstreet Boys that they had excellent voice with a bit of flavor” - Max Martin

4) Can you count how many times they say “funky”? Well, it’s not as many as…

5) ...the fact that they say “Cool” about 20 times. After that many repetitions, it stops even being a word.

6) Xavier. Poor Xavier and his (as one commenter pointed out) “shifty eyes.” What would you do if you were the poor kid she was singing to???

7) “I really like trendy clothes,” says Brit while wearing a beige mom blouse. Oh, OK…

There are so many more amazing moments. To absorb them all, we recommend you just watch this video over and over until you adapt everything about 1999 Britney into your mannerisms. Good luck!

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