Britney Spears’ “Oh La La” Music Video — She Gets Struck By Lightning!
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Britney Spears’ “Oh La La” Music Video — She Gets Struck By Lightning!

Please grab your prayer beads and bow down to your Britney Spears shrine. Our muse has once again gifted us mere mortals with a miraculous music video, this time for her The Smurfs 2 single "Oh La La!" All we have to say is this: hjdsahdjkhdjs.

There are literally no words to describe our feelings about Britney's latest filmic efforts, so we'll go ahead and throw out a few highlights from the video itself:

1. The moment where Britney gets electrocuted while sitting with her kids at a movie theater, and they're totally unfazed. Seriously, her little son Sean is just like "No1curr, mom."

2. The moment Britney is totally mind-blown by the fact that she's standing in a field of mushrooms. Like, her mind is literally blown. It hasn't been this blown since she first laid eyes on Justin Timberlake in that Texas Tuxedo.

3. The multiple moments where we're pretty sure Britney flirts with a Smurf, and it's totally weird because they're way smaller than her, not to mention a different species.

4. The moment where Britney starts dancing with her kiddos and were just like "AUGH, why isn't she our mom!"

With that in mind, please watch this video and bow down to Britlegend.

Source: YouTube

07.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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