Don’t drink, b—h. That would seem to be the new rule for “Work B**ch” singer Britney Spears, who was seen out on the town October 6 with boyfriend David Lucado and six friends. The only thing missing? Alcohol.

According to a TMZ report, the group of eight dined at Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village near Los Angeles. While there, a few members of the party ordered drinks at the bar, drinks they had to leave behind before rejoining Brit.

Why? Because alcohol, it would seem, is no joke for the international superstar. Britney’s no booze policy makes sense seeing as substance abuse played a major role in her nasty custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Remember back in 2007 when a judge ordered the new mom to undergo random bi-weekly drug and alcohol screenings to make sure she towed the line?

Clearly the lessons learned from that experience stuck with the pop princess. In fact, Brit is so committed to staying sober, rumor has it she laid down the same anti-alcohol law back in her days as a judge on The X Factor.

According to TMZ, one guest of Britney’s even turned away a glass of wine a waitress brought her, telling the server she was “mistaken” because “she wasn’t drinking wine.”

Conclusion: What Britney wants, Britney gets.

Sources: TMZ, USA Today

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