Britney Spears is a busy, busy lady. On top of being a Mom to two adorable boys, Brit has a new record dropping in December, she’s laid down a song collaboration with Miley Cyrus, plus she’s currently prepping for a huge Vegas extravaganza. Just thinking of all that makes us exhausted.

When you’re that busy, you gotta cut corners where you can. That’s how we’re accounting for Britney’s slightly disheveled appearance while out for some maintenance after a long day of rehearsals.

Dressed in sweats with a messy bun and not a stitch of makeup, Brit was spotted entering the Forever Bella salon for a waxing appointment. Though she doesn’t look red carpet ready, she still looks good — especially after a day of grueling dancing! All that clean living appears to be keeping the 31-year-old pop goddess looking good.

Of course, these makeup-free days will soon be few and far between, at least for her yearlong Vegas residency. Once she starts performing full time at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, Britney’s going to be living a life full of heavy makeup, false eyelashes, big hair, and sequined costumes. If we were in her position, we’d savor these casual moments for as long as we could!

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