Childhood crushes often last the longest, a rule that even applies to the likes of sex symbols like Britney Spears! In an October 16 interview with British radio show Kiss FM UK, Britney admitted she even dreams about one of her fellow actors from her childhood days on The Mickey Mouse Club. So who’s the lucky Mouseketeer?

Well, it’s not Justin Timberlake if that’s what you were thinking (because we totally were). Even though Britney may not admit it publicly, let’s be honest, we’re sure she has the occasional fond memory of her teenage love. In this case, however, the 31-year-old pop superstar had another Disney dreamboat on her mind: Ryan Gosling.

“I had a dream about him last night,” Britney said on air. And what exactly were you doing in this dream, BritBrit?

“Just talking, having a conversation.”

Yeah, okay. We always have the longest “conversations” with Ryan Gosling when we dream about him, too.

Wherever the Gos may be — breaking up a fight, helping an elderly lady across the street, saving a kitten — we’re sure he’s flattered. Honestly, did you see Britney in her latest music video? This mother of two has nothing, and we mean nothing, to hide in “Work, B**tch.”

Source: Kiss FM UK

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