Britney Spears has been hard at work in the dance studio these days, and it looks like all those sweat sessions are really paying off! The former X Factor judge is flaunting her hard-earned physique in a sexy photoshoot for the latest issue of Westlake magazine.

Posing in a waist-cinching leather get-up with a studded bra underneath, it’s clear that Brit is definitely ready for her Las Vegas residency, which kicks off on December 27.

In a recent interview with Vegas Player magazine, the “Work Bitch” singer opened up on all the hard work she’s been doing to prepare herself for the show. “I have not been this sore in my entire life,” she revealed. “When I started working out, I was sore for like, three days. I could hardly move.”

Of course, this being Vegas, Britney is ready to bring it in the choreography department. “Whenever I do a show, I’m really keen on making it a show. I love to dance and perform. Because it’s Vegas, I want to do something different. This is the perfect place to bring it to the next level.”

Britney confesses that preparation for the show has been a needed distraction in her life, especially as she’s tried to get over her breakup from fiance Jason Trawick earlier this year.  

“The stuff that comes from the heart is usually the best stuff,” she tells Westlake. “It really kind of helps you get over the breakup really easy, ‘cause you sing about it and have to think about it every night, but then you’re like, ‘It’s okay, I’m performing now so it’s totally fine.’ It’s like a therapeutic way to get over it.”

And get over it she must have, because Britney Spears is looking better than ever. Eat your heart out, Jason!