Britt Nilsson Says Husband Jeremy Byrne Helped Her Overcome Bulimia After ‘Bachelor’ (VIDEO)
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Britt Nilsson

Britt Nilsson Says Husband Jeremy Byrne Helped Her Overcome Bulimia After ‘Bachelor’ (VIDEO)


Just a glance at Britt Nilsson’s wedding photos from last weekend, and you can see how happy the former Bachelorette star is today.

However, not long before the ex-reality star got engaged and then married longtime beau Jeremy Byrne, she was in a much darker place.

And that’s not something she’s trying to forget.

Instead, Britt is aiming to help others by sharing stories of her personal struggles.

In recent months, the 30-year-old has opened up about her financial and health issues — including her battle with addiction and bulimia while on Chris Soules’s Bachelor season.

Now, the California gal is sharing more details of her eating disorder on Friday’s episode of The Doctors, and her new hubby Jeremy is right by her side.

In a sneak peek at the episode, the Season 19 contestant explains her bulimia — something she’s dealt with since she was young — relapsed on the ABC show.

“Behind the scenes, there’s food everywhere,” she recalls.

BRITT NILSSON and Brady Toops
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“It’s very high stress fitting into these really tiny ball gowns — I’m in in front of millions of [viewers]. I felt more of a need to be perfect than ever.”

She continues, “I remember taking my mic off, hiding it under towels and throwing up.

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“Then [I’d look] in the mirror like: ‘You are going to get caught. You are such a mess. What are you doing? Stop, stop, stop’ — and I couldn’t.”

That, of course, was over two years ago. Since then, she explains that she’s overcome the eating disorder with a lot of self-work and support from her man.

“I did a lot of soul-searching and I was like: ‘You know what? No matter what, I’m never throwing up again,’” she says.

It wasn’t always that simple, though, as she admits how “scary” it was to gain weight and “yo-yo.”

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“There are times where I’ve had to call Jeremy and be like, ‘I want to throw up so bad — I’m so scared,’” she confesses.

She adds, “There is so much pressure to be thin. He’s talked me through it and I don’t throw up anymore.”

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That said, the brunette beauty still deals with her binge eating disorder on a daily basis.

“My makeup is basically that I just want it all, all the time,” she said in her initial YouTube confessional, posted in July.

“That’s what makes me a really joyful person … I really like experiencing life, I really, truly enjoy life so much — but I also don’t know when to stop.”

Her proclivity for overindulging has also influenced other aspects of her life — including her past drug use in college.

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“I used to be addicted to cocaine,” she shared in the self-made clip.

She detailed, “I used to smoke weed every single day in college. I would be high giving presentations. I basically didn’t know how to live without drugs.”

Now, she’s urging anyone going through similar issues to “tell somebody,” and not just an anonymous face online.

“Tell someone that you know, because just letting the secret out is the biggest part of it. We’re only as sick as our secrets,” she concluded.

The Doctors featuring Britt Nilsson’s interview airs Friday, September 15. Check your local listings.