Brittani’s Panic Attack: Top 5 OMG Moments of ANTM April 6, 2011
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Brittani’s Panic Attack: Top 5 OMG Moments of ANTM April 6, 2011

Okay, things got a little extra OMG-ish last night on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 7 (April 6, 2011), and we’re still reeling from it. Here are the five best moments from “Eric Daman.”

5. Nigel Barker’s hair made an appearance.

It couldn’t have been a coincidence that twice during the episode as tears streamed down Brittani’s face, the show cut to commercials featuring Nigel and his full head of hair. Did anyone even notice the Ford Focus he was leaning against?

4. A Psycho remake for the books.

This scene needs to be a permanent fixture on the Universal Studios tour. Between the cinematic switch to black and white film, Jay’s timeless dialogue (“Where the hell is the smize?!”) and Miss J’s crumpled, “lifeless” body on the ground, we thought for a moment that someone at the CW made an error and actually cut to a scene from the Hitchcock classic.

3. This was about Alexandria’s soul, not a good cause or anything.

We’ve seen enough PSAs on bullying in the last five months to recognize when things have gotten out of control. When Brittani erupted on set afterAlexandria’s Warriors in Pink win, there wasn’t anything she could have yelled that would have justified the outburst. Saying that Monique should have gone home instead last week — especially when Alexandria had just won a car because of her great photo — made her look silly. And Brittani wasn’t just criticizing Alexandria’s bad attitude throughout the ep, but also her looks and modeling ability.

2. Brittani made the first of two dramatic exits.

We wonder at what point during Nigel’s speech Brittani realized she was acting like the bad role model she accused Alexandria of being. Maybe it was when he said, “There’s a reason we don’t know all of Alexandria’s business — because what you do at home is what you do at home.” Whatever it was, she stormed off stage and wept on the floor, before returning still visibly shaken. We had to giggle when Tyra said, “You’re having a panic attack?” in the most unconcerned tone with which that question has ever been asked.

1. If there’s one thing we need to remember about ANTM, it’s that it’s an oligarchy.

The “backstage access” after Brittani’s meltdown was bananas. (Can you hear us, Rachel Zoe? Do we owe you money?) Even the camera angles changed in the wake of the madness, and the show was like a guerilla student film for a few minutes. In the model holding area, Alexandria made a (very fair) argument that if the other girls dislike her, they should be direct about it rather than silently ganging up on her. The judges’ interaction, however, might have been even more compelling. Brittani’s attitude was really the perfect opportunity for Tyra to show that she doesn’t always get her way. (She wanted Toccara to stay in Cycle 3, and Nigel thinks she was right in retrospect!) The dramatic casting of the votes — Tyra is ALWAYS last! This is not a monarchy! — was “reality” TV at its finest.

04.7.2011 / 08:18 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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