Brody Jenner Admits He Lied — He Knew North West’s Name All Along
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Brody Jenner Admits He Lied — He Knew North West’s Name All Along

Move aside Anna Wintour. We finally know whom to thank for the blessing to the American compass industry that is the name North West. Orienteers, address your thank you notes to Kim Kardashian’s step-brother and Laguna Beach heartthrob, Brody Jenner.

“I actually knew it was that all along,” he recently told HuffPost TV, and so admitted he pulled the cashmere over Ryan Seacrest’s eyes last month when he told the radio host he didn’t know Baby Kimye’s real name. Gotcha, Ryan!

Brody went on to clarify what “actually knew” means, telling HuffPost: “Well I didn’t know completely, but we had talked about it and she had mentioned that name and I said, ‘You know what, I like it!’”

So there you have it. Brody’s stamp of approval led to the greatest directional name mankind has ever known. It’s a milestone for the reality TV star who’s been on somewhat of a media kick this last month.

First, Brody dropped the bombshell he’d “never met” Kim’s boyfriend and North’s dad, Kanye West. Then there was the heart-to-heart about how dad Bruce wasn’t “a great father.” Even more recently, Brody spilled the beans that he still hasn’t met North.

“I have never seen the baby,” he told HuffPost. “It’s such a new thing, and Kim’s got such a big family and a lot of friends, so I’m just waiting for the right moment.”

Granted, he’s been saying the same thing for a month so we’re beginning to wonder if this is a “giving the new mom space” situation or a straight-up case of the lazys/coping with the marriage of ex-girlfriend Avril Lavigne.

Honestly, Brods, people are willing to pay $4 million for a photo of the kidlet, let alone a chance to meet the newest West in all her diapered glory, so press pause on “Sk8er Boi” and get your butt to Kim’s secret compound.

Source: Huffington Post