Brody Jenner Posts Photos From Reggie Bush Wedding — Kim Kardashian Diss Or Not?
Credit: Brody Jenner on Instagram    
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Kim Kardashian

Brody Jenner Posts Photos From Reggie Bush Wedding — Kim Kardashian Diss Or Not?


Not only did Brody Jenner skip his stepsister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West, he just went to the wedding of her ex, Reggie Bush, and almost immediately posted photos from the event on Instagram.

"Congrats @reggiebush!!! #bushwedding," Brody wrote when sharing the pic shown above.

Brody went to the Saturday, July 12 San Diego wedding with his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. He also shared a photo just with Kaitlynn, both looking sharp on their way to the wedding. “It's go time @kaitlynn_carter yewww @reggiebush !!!!!” He seemed to enjoy himself, so that’s good!

In late June, on his podcast, Brody said he didn't go to Kim’s wedding because of a scheduling conflict. He had work commitments. He couldn't just fly overseas. He told Kim about it, and she had no problem with it.

Fair enough — that wedding was epic, from France to Italy and beyond. San Diego is a different story. But he had to know what he was doing when he posted photos from the wedding of Kim's ex right on Instagram, right after the event. It’s not like his Instagram is packed with photos from the wedding he missed. He knows how much the Kardashians are in the public eye, and how much his own absence from Kim’s wedding was noted.

Do you think this was a diss to Kim or just a friend supporting a friend, with no other meaning? What you post (and don’t post) tells a lot about what you care about and what you want to avoid ... or is that reading too much into it?

Sources: Brody on Instagram, TMZ

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