The Walking Dead Bromance: Daryl and Glenn’s Love Story to Emerge in Season 7 (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Bromance: Daryl and Glenn’s Love Story to Emerge in Season 7 (VIDEO)

Everybody loves The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and wants him to be with someone (while always hoping it's themselves).

Daryl has chemistry with every character — Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), that Harry Potter-looking kid Patrick, a potted plant. So why not pair Daryl with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun)? Glenn is separated from fianceé Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) after the Season 4 prison war, so maybe he’ll realize he belongs with someone else.

In August, Norman tried to dodge a question about whether Daryl might hook up with Carol by sharing a little “spoiler” with Entertainment Weekly: “I think in Season 4, he and Steven — the Glenn character — I think they really, they have a lot of romantic time they spend together. Alone time. And I think, you know, it is a prison. I think that's probably where his character's going to go. Maggie? Who's Maggie, you know what I mean? It's Glenn and Daryl."

Hmm. We’ve been ‘shipping Daryl and Rick for a while now … but Glenn and Daryl are both loyal, brave, very attractive, occasionally hot-headed guys. We can see it. Can Steven see it? The TWD cast was on Conan on February 6 in advance of the Season 4 return this Sunday, and Steven and Lauren discussed the idea of a Glenn/Daryl romance. Is it possible, Conan O’Brien wondered?

Steven: "I think that it's very possible."

Lauren: "Everybody thinks it's possible."

Steven: "That's a Season 7 B storyline that could really take off.”

Conan: "That's a B story?!"

Lauren: "That's the TV show spin-off." (Brilliant! If they don’t go with the Carol/Daryl spin-off in Central Park, go for Glenn/Daryl’s romance.)

Steven: "The beginning B story, then it turns into the primary A story. You see them go off on a run. Then one of them falls and the other person falls on top of the other person. Then they accidentally touch lips, then they're confused, and then it writes itself from there."

Hire the man! He clearly has his finger on the pulse of the show … or at least the porn version. But let's aim for mid-Season 5 for that storyline. No need to wait for Season 7.

Watch the Steven/Lauren video below. Are you down for Steven’s accidental lip-touch storyline? There’s probably already a fan-fic version of that on the Internet.

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