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Brooke Burke-Charvet Flashes Killer Abs (VIDEO)

Brooke Burke-Charvet may be out of her Dancing With the Stars hosting gig, but the hot 42-year-old mother of four isn't letting that hold her back.

Brooke's latest accomplishment is being featured on the cover of Health magazine, and it's easy to see why. In the cover photo shoot, Brooke, wearing a black crop-top and neon pants, flaunts her picture-perfect abs. We're pretty sure it's physically impossible for Brooke to be in better shape than she is.

In the inside photos, Brooke shows off her hot bod in Catherine Malandrino, Kate Spade, and more. Spoiler alert: She looks fantastic.

So, what's Brooke's secret to staying fit despite her hectic life? She drops some tips in the video above.

"Just stay true to yourself," Brooke suggests. "Set some goals. Find a little 'me' time. Set some fitness goals, and then accomplish them. I think that sense of accomplishment makes you happy."

Oh, and when you do work out? Push yourself. "It's really about pushing yourself to the burn, and sweating, and working hard every time you work out."

And hey, if you want a little of that Brooke Burke-Charvet magic in your life, you're in luck, because she's working on teaching her own booty-burn fitness class. Sweet!

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