Dancing With The Stars

Brooke Burke: I’m Not Sure Erin Andrews Was the Right Choice for DWTS (VIDEO)

Dancing With the Stars Season 18 brought a slew of changes, not the least of which was the introduction of Erin Andrews as the new co-host. So, what does the show's previous co-host, Brooke Burke-Charvet, think of her replacement’s freshman performance?

Well, Brooke had this to say to E! News about Erin: "I'm not sure they made the right choice — I won't get into that."

Whoa! Could that be sour grapes we're hearing? Apparently not, since Brooke went on to say that she's grateful for her fans for sticking by her and she has "no hard feelings" about not being invited back to Dancing With the Stars. "I wish them all a huge success, but I think I did everything I could do in the ballroom and I think it was a good time to move on."

Brooke added she's enjoying her freedom now that she's not tied down by "that ABC contract." She certainly has a lot of projects going on, like her new fitness line. And she's certainly looking as fab as ever!

One little thing, though: Brooke admitted she hasn't been watching the show this season, so we're not quite sure what she's basing her thoughts on Erin on...

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