Brooks Ayers Sold Stock in Vicki Gunvalson’s Company to Pay for Child Support
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Brooks Ayers Sold Stock in Vicki Gunvalson’s Company to Pay for Child Support

While our girl Vicki Gunvalson has been voluntarily dismissed as a defendant in the lawsuit surrounding Vicki's Vodka, ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers is still being sued, with claims against him ranging from fraud and breached contract to misrepresentation.

Radar now reports that Vicki gave Brooks 16.67% share in the business. Since then, Brooks admits to selling those shares to another business partner for $50,000 in order to pay for child support and IRS debt. Brooks told a Nevada judge that "Gunvalson gave him a membership interest in VV LLC to compensate him for the services he had provided."

Brooks confessed that when he met Vicki's business partner, Robert Williamson III, back in 2012 to make the deal, he did so because "he needed money for child support and an IRS payment." Williamson previously said that Brooks told him that he would be jailed immediately if the sale didn't go through.

Vicki has been dismissed for the sale of the shares, which the original suit claimed was an attempt to lure Williamson into purchasing more stocks in the company without Vicki or Brooks having good faith in its future. This case is so convoluted, though, and with that original claim out the window, Brooks is requesting to be dismissed as well.

Fans of Vicki haven't really supported her relationship with Brooks, and this is sure to give them some more fire against him.

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