Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Brooks Forester Isn’t Ready For Marriage
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Brooks Forester Isn’t Ready For Marriage

Sooooo... this is awkward. Remember last week on The Bachelorette when Desiree Hartsock declared that she had "reached the finish line" in her race to find love with Brooks Forester? Yeah, well not only does he not feel the same way (how could you, Brooks? GET. OUT.), he might not even be ready for marriage. In the immortal words of Calvin Tran, "Oh, here go hell come."

Check out this sneak peek clip from E!, where Desiree takes a moment to bond with Brooks' mom about her son's willingness to make babies! In the clip, Mama Forester asks Desiree if she can see herself settling down with B-Town, and she replies "I see the potential in that. That's why it's nice to meet you guys, and get more insight. The main thing I was wondering was if he was ready for marriage because he has mentioned that he wasn't sure coming into it."

Um, Brooks. Have you never seen The Bachelorette? The entire point of this show is proposing to a hottie after two or three dates, all of which are filmed by a fleet of possibly perverted cameramen. How could you possibly have doubts?!

We're getting seriously concerned about Brooks and Des' future together, but the good news? Brooks appears to spend his entire hometown date wearing a lumberjack shirt, which has provided us with just enough LOLs to negate our tears.

Source: E!