Bachelorette 2013’s Brooks Forester: How Many Siblings Does He Have?
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013’s Brooks Forester: How Many Siblings Does He Have?

Even the typically cool and collected Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock had to take a moment and regroup upon seeing just how many family members awaited her during her Hometown Date with contestant Brooks Forester.

In fact, there were so many brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, nieces and nephews to deal with, the family broke out the name tags. Clearly, they’ve encountered Des’ same flabbergasted expression before.

So how many siblings does Brooks actually have? Give us a “one”, give us an “oh.” That’s right! Brooks has 10 brothers and sisters!

Big families tend to lead to big questions, with one of the biggest (and, yes, most stereotypical) being is Brooks a practicing Mormon? Based on his education, location, and family size, the answer would appear to be yes based on those same ole stereotypes, but Brooks himself hasn’t said either way. And while there was that fellow Bachelorette contestant who mentioned one of the guys was Mormon, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Brooks.

Whatever Brooks’ faith (ours is in Chris Harrison) the fact remains that if Des chooses the man she’s said multiple times she loves, girlfriend better prepare to memorize a whole lot of new faces. We don’t think they whip out those name tags for every family occasion.

Of course, this will all only matter if Brooks doesn’t get cold feet during the finale...