Brooks Forester Goes Hiking With Another “Lady” — Has He Moved On?
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The Bachelorette

Brooks Forester Goes Hiking With Another “Lady” — Has He Moved On?

Where in the world is Desiree Hartsock’s first favorite Bachelorette boy toy, Brooks Forester? Healing his love wounds with a new lady! This gal probably won’t break his heart or have to hear a babbling sob story from him that will take 20 minutes to reveal itself to mean “I’m dumping you.”

The Salt Lake City resident shared this pic on September 9, writing, “Backpacking in the Uinta Mountains with this little lady.” She is gorgeous! We might just have to be jealous of him for getting to hang out with her — but we’ll settle for just tagging along on the next trip.

Brooks Forester Goes Hiking With Another “Lady” — Has He Moved On?
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After Brooks dumped the devastated Desiree — denying us even a glimpse of sexy-time in the fantasy suites — he went home, she picked Chris Siegfried, and we waited for him to return tried to figure out what the heck happened.

A teensy bit of light was shed when Brooks’ ex-girlfriend, 28-year-old model Erin Reese told The Enquirer, “I broke Brooks’ heart and he’s never forgiven me. I dated him for nearly two years, and about 18 months ago we called it quits.” Some unnamed source added that Brooks loved Erin and they were talking about marriage, but then he reportedly found out she was cheating. (How could anyone be unfaithful to that hair?!) He broke up with her and perhaps went on The Bachelorette without really being ready to commit. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into Desiree and the ex part is irrelevant.

Either way, he now has an awesome little lady to hang out with on backpacking trips, and his hotness appears to be undiminished. Everyone wins — especially any human lady who gets to join them on a future journey!

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