Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Will NOT Be Bachelor 2014 — Why?
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Chris Harrison: Brooks Forester Will NOT Be Bachelor 2014 — Why?

We’ve been speculating hard about who will be Bachelor 2014, and since it was revealed that ABC will announce the Season 18 Bachelor during The Bachelorette Season 9 “After the Final Rose our ears are perked to the max. In particular, we were wondering if Brooks Forester would be chosen, since we’ve gotten to know him so well during Desiree Hartsock’s season.

The frontrunner throughout Season 9 has been the Salt Lake City marketing specialist, and when he eliminated himself on the Season 9 Overnight Dates, everyone was shocked. But does his surprise exit make him the new first choice to dole out roses next year? According to Chris Harrison, the answer is a strong NO WAY.

"He obviously has trouble committing and although he was sincere in coming on the show, he definitely has trouble expressing himself and letting himself be vulnerable when push comes to shove," Chris said in an ABC News interview on August 5. "The reason the last two seasons have been so good is that Sean [Lowe] and Des did that really well. I don't know if Brooks has it in him to be so open."

The 28-year-old certainly had no trouble showing emotion when he sat down with host Chris during the July 29 episode, revealing that his feelings for Desiree were not on par with hers, and that he didn’t see himself proposing. Likewise, when he went to the dock for his date with Des (say that three times fast), Brooks sobbed right alongside the Bachelorette when he told her he was dunzo.

Are you surprised that Chris has taken such a hard pass on Brooks, or do you think he still has a shot at winning... something? Obviously, Chris knows more than everyone else, so perhaps he's saying that Brooks is otherwise occupied? Weigh in below.

Source: ABC News