Should Brooks Forester and Sarah Herron Have Been Together? Chris Harrison Says…
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Bachelor in Paradise

Should Brooks Forester and Sarah Herron Have Been Together? Chris Harrison Says…

We won’t know what ultimately happens to Bachelor in Paradise couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron until Monday’s September 8 finale (or you can click here to be spoiled), but that hasn’t stopped all-knowing host Chris Harrison from asking one interesting question: Was there something there between Sarah and Brooks Forester after all?

Chris has a history of being on-point with his character judgment — we should have seen the red flags with his clear distaste for Juan Pablo Galavis — and he uses that wisdom to shill out truths on his BiP blog for Entertainment Weekly. During his recap of Episode 6, Harrison points out how Desiree Hartsock’s ex Brooks “sent Sarah into a tailspin” upon his arrival in Paradise — despite her developing relationship with Robert Graham.

“It took all of two seconds for Sarah to want to drop Robert like third period French and go after Brooks,” Chris observes. “In fact she was about to dump the poor guy when he pulled an ace out of his sleeve with the note and the date on the beach.”

We’re right there with ya, Chrissy. The fact that Sarah was so vocal about her crush on Brooks — almost immediately forgetting about poor Robster just moments after the Season 10 contestant showed up — surely says something.

Alas, Brooks heeded Robert’s threat and didn’t ask Sarah out, opting instead to take Jackie Parr on a date and entering into a triangle with her and Zack Kalter. In the end, the floppy-haired hunk was sent packing just one episode into his BiP run, but Chris still had one thing to add:

“I wonder what would’ve happened if Brooks had arrived a few weeks earlier before Sarah and Robert had solidified their connection.”

Was it all a matter of timing? Or was Sarah really just better matched with Robert? We may never know...

Do you think Sarah and Brooks were a good fit, or are you Team Sar-bert (Rob-ah?)? Sound off down below.

Source: Chris Harrison’s EW blog