Brooks Forester

Desiree Hartsock is one lucky lady! Not only does this brunette Bachelorette bombshell get to date an entire flock of hunks, each of them is more amazing than the next. Meet Brooks Forester, an adventurous part-time model and full-time sales rep who's looking for his future bride as a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 9.

Brooks is one of eleven children (yes, you read that right), and grew up in Boise, Idaho. He's a total smartypants who graduated with a degree from University of Utah, and currently lives in Salt Lake City (home of last season's Bachelorette winner, Jef Holm). No word yet as to whether this dashing dude is a Mormon, but fear not — we're on the case.

Brooks' Linkedin page (which has tragically been removed by the Bachelorette Powers That Be) describes him as a dynamic hard-worker with a fondness for the "Art of Conversation." Um, that's totally Desiree's favorite art of all the arts. And we're thrilled to know that he won't spend his stint on The Bachelorette brooding in a corner.

Brooks currently works at Fit Marketing, and the website's “About Me” describes him as an "adventurer, athlete and model," who brings "vision and class" to his peers. Wow, sounds like a stand-up guy! And let's not forget that Desiree loves hiking around the great outdoors...

In other news, Brooks thinks that "inspiration, creativity, learning, and laughter are paramount in his pursuit of happiness." We love that boyfriend is a creative type, especially since our girl Des works as a wedding gown designer and makes amazing collages out of macaroni noodles in her free time. We're going to call it and say these two are a match made in Bachelorette heaven — especially because Desiree has admitted, on more than one occasion, to being head-over-heels in love with Brooks!

UPDATE: Unfortunately for Desiree, Brooks spent the week between hometown dates and the overnight dates in Antigua doing a lot of soul-searching (and family-consulting), and realized he just wasn't quite in love enough with our blushing bachelorette. After a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison, Brooks eliminated himself during part one of the season 9 finale after a heavy conversation and lots (and hoo boy do we mean LOTS) of tears from Desiree and Brooks alike. So THAT'S what the Herr-ison meant when he called the finale a "dumpster fire"...

BACHELORETTE 2013 SPOILER ALERT: Dying to know if Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock somehow still ends up with Brooks? We’ve got the answer, so click here, if you dare!

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