Brooks Forester’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out!
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Brooks Forester’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out!

We've come to the conclusion that Brooks Forester might be emotionally damaged. Both in his soul and in his pompadour. How else do you explain the fact that he randomly broke up with Desiree Hartsock after spending weeks acting as though he was completely in love with her? It makes zero sense, and now Brooks' ex-girlfriend has come forward to shed some light on the situation.

“I broke Brooks’ heart and he’s never forgiven me,” 28-year-old model Erin Reese tells The Enquirer. “I dated him for nearly two years, and about 18 months ago we called it quits.”

This explains so much. Clearly, Brooks was still hung up on his ex while dating Desiree, and his broken heart caused him to break her heart. Talk about a vicious cycle.

“Brooks loved Erin very much,” a source reveals. “They were talk­ing seriously about getting married, but then he found out that Erin was cheating on him. Brooks broke up with her and never looked back.”

Yikes, no wonder Brooks wasn't down with Desiree swapping spit with 25 randoms. He's clearly insecure thanks to his prior experience with infidelity! “Brooks knew what he was signing up for with The Bachelorette," the source continues. "But at the same time, when he saw Desiree kissing other guys week after week, it was disgusting to him."

The joy of The Bachelorette is that Desiree can get her mack on with as many guys as she wants and it never counts as cheating! And considering that Des made it more than clear that Brooks was her number one lover, we're slightly surprised that he'd be jealous of the rest of the men in her harem. Are you? Hit the comments!

Source: The Enquirer via RadarOnline