Brooks Forester’s Hook-Up with an Older Woman! — How Much Older?
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Brooks Forester’s Hook-Up with an Older Woman! — How Much Older?

Oh Brooks Forester, we love him and his questionable hair so much, it’s sometimes hard to watch the Bachelorette 2013 contestant kiss Desiree Hartsock. But you know what’s harder for us to take? The fact that apparently Brooksy-poo got totes cray-cray on a vacay awhile back... and kissed someone a little less green in the pasture.

On July 9, Reality Steve posted a few choice snapshots of Brooks and a more mature “friend” in Puerto Rico on New Year’s Eve 2011. So, what were they doing? Playing mah jong? Stacking dominos? Building houses for young orphans? Mmmnotsomuch.

In the pics, a gingham-shirted, less hair-issued Brooks is kissing the lady full on the mouth. And considering how stoked she seems, it looks like he could give Arie Luyendyk, Jr. a run for his money as the new kissing bandit! The shots — which also included on of Brooks’s BFF on the lady’s lap — were shared with Steve by the woman’s daughter, who was much closer in age to our little buddy.


So, how old is the black tank-clad, blonde-haired lady in question? Um, 51. Fifty-one. Years old. So, roughly twice Brooks’s age at the time. Shocked? Welcome, sister, we’re here for you.

Sounds like it was a vacation to remember for sure. You know what they say: What happens in Puerto Rico when you’re in your mid twenties stays in Puerto Rico... unless, of course, you end up as a frontrunner on The Bachelorette. Because then, it stays burned into our minds forever as a reminder that you’re kissing all the girls but us. Ouch.

Source: Reality Steve