Bruce Jenner Gets Busted By Cops as Brody Laughs at Him
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The Kardashians

Bruce Jenner Gets Busted By Cops as Brody Laughs at Him

Bruce Jenner may seem like a safety-conscious on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but it seems as though he doesn’t always practice what he preaches.

The 64-year-old former Olympian was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway with son Brody Jenner in Malibu on Sunday, when he decided to show off a bit.

TMZ reports that Bruce was reportedly burning rubber when the cops caught wind of his Fast and the Furious impression and asked him to cut it out.

While it may have been quite the shock and inconvenience for the star, it seems as though seeing Bruce get pulled over was quite a riot for his son.

“Bruiser’s getting pulled over!” Brody laughs in a video recorded on his cell phone from inside the car. “Oh, we got the double [police cars]! Ohhhh, dad!”

Despite his recklessness on the road, it seems as though Bruce got let off pretty easy, getting just a warning for his tough-guy behavior.

It seems that Bruce’s kids could take this under advisement — between DUIs and causing pileups, they’re not exactly the world’s best drivers, either!

Do you think Brody was out of line for busting Bruce’s chops when he was pulled over, or was it all in good fun?

Source: TMZ