Bruce Jenner Could Make $15 Million For Kris Jenner Tell-All
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Bruce Jenner Could Make $15 Million For Kris Jenner Tell-All

Bruce and Kris Jenner may claim that their separation has made their relationship better than ever, but it looks like things won’t be amicable for long. In Touch reports that Bruce, sick of Kris’ controlling behavior, is gearing up to write a tell-all about his estranged wife, and he’s pulling no punches when it comes to dishing the dirt on the reality queen.

“Bruce isn’t interested in playing the image game. He put up with a lot for a long time but now that she’s sinking her teeth into Kendall and Kylie, he’s getting pissed,” a source close to the pair tells the magazine.

Bruce reportedly has so much gossip to share about Kris that publishers are willing to fork over absurd amounts of cash for the details about their marriage. “If Bruce opens up about all of the dirt he has on Kris, he could easily get a book advance of $15 million to write a tell-all,” says the insider.

Kris’ sister, Karen Houghton, who has been confessing the sins of her sister to every news outlet that will listen, claims that, despite his calm demeanor, Bruce is angry about the years he spent living under Kris’ rule, and is planning for payback. “The divorce for Bruce is about both revenge and money,” Karen reveals. “He’s worth a lot and is now looking back at his life and thinking, ‘What was I doing? Why did I put up with this for so long?’”

Source: In Touch