Bruce Jenner Flips Out on Paparazzi!
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Bruce Jenner Flips Out on Paparazzi!

Uh oh. Has Bruce Jenner finally lost it?! The reality TV patriarch reportedly went berserk on a pack of photogs recently, and hurled obscenities at them before going into a Starbucks to call the cops!

“He was like a wild man!” an eye­witness to this alleged meltdown told The National Enquirer. “He leaped out of the car and started screaming, ‘Get out of here! Stop following my fam­ily! I’ve had enough! I’m sick of this!’ His language was awful, and just before he got back in the car, he made an obscene gesture.”

An obscene gesture? The horrors! Why would Bruce do such a thing?! Evidently, it’s more than just frustration with the constant paparazzi presence in his life that caused Bruce’s little flip out. According to the tabloid, it’s his strained marriage to Kris that’s behind his crazy behavior. The Enquirer claims that Kris is demanding Bruce give up his Malibu bachelor pad and move back home full time, and he’s refusing.

“While Kris is do­ing her best to keep the lid on their failing marriage, Bruce can’t keep it quiet,” another insider said. “The pres­sure’s too great for him, and it’s really beginning to show.”

A crazy explosion at the paparazzi, combined with more claims about Kris’ affairs, the Jenner’s inevitable divorce, and legal battles over the family fortune? This is pure paint-by-numbers National Enquirer: So predictable even your kids could write it!

Source: The National Enquirer

07.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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