Bruce And Kris Jenner Marriage Trouble! Why He’s Pissed About KUWTK
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Bruce And Kris Jenner Marriage Trouble! Why He’s Pissed About KUWTK

Uh oh. TV fans will remember that Bruce Jenner hasn’t been portrayed in the best light on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as of late, and apparently the reality show patriarch is pissed about it.

Evidently there are a few issues that are sticking in former Olympian Bruce’s craw. The first has to do with his sons Brandon and Brody Jenner, who joined KUWTK as cast members this season. They are his sons with ex-wife Linda Thompson, and in recent episodes of the reality show it came out that, not only had he and Brody had a strained relationship for years, Bruce didn’t even call his sons on their birthdays when they were kids.

“That portrayal of Bruce as a shoddy parent really has upset him,” a source told Radar Online. “Sure, there were gaps in time when Brody and Brandon were growing up and Bruce wasn’t around, but that was mainly because Kris would give him a hard time if he spent time with them.”

“He thought this season was going to show the two families coming together and not all of this negativity about events that happened decades ago,” the site’s source added.

Apparently Kris Jenner demanded he give his full attention to their youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie, now 17 and 15. That leads us to Bruce’s next gripe, which has to do with his marriage.

“Kris is an executive producer on the show and has the final approval about what viewers see,” Radar’s source went on. “Bruce is ticked off his relationships with his sons is being used to make him look bad. He’s livid. He is an amazing father to Kendall and Kylie and is around for them much more than Kris.”

And thus, the divorce rumors continue! Bruce’s anger over this season of KUWTK is reportedly fueling the long-standing problems in his marriage with Kris. Good thing he's got that Malibu bachelor pad, huh?

Source: RadarOnline