Bruce Jenner Relieved Kris Has Found a New Boyfriend — Report
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Bruce Jenner Relieved Kris Has Found a New Boyfriend — Report

Kris and Bruce Jenner have always had a curious relationship, and now it looks there’s no love lost between the recently split pair.

Kris and former Bachelor star Ben Flajnik have been dodging romance rumors over the past few months, and while mere mortals might be bothered at the idea that their soon-to-be ex was dating a much younger man, Bruce Jenner is reportedly just happy to have his ex out of his meticulously-coiffed hair.

According to, Bruce is, in fact, nearly giddy at the prospect of Kris finding a new man, because it means he’s no longer her go-to guy when she needs something.

“Kris is enjoying all of the attention. Bruce could absolutely care less about it!” says the insider. “Bruce is saying that Kris is now someone else’s problem Bruce has never been happier living alone in Malibu.”

Although Bruce may well be the kind of relaxed individual who has no problems with his wife dating again, it seems a bit suspect that he’d even be clued into Kris’s romantic life so soon after their split — especially with Ben issuing vehement public denials about any kind of romance with the Kardashian matriarch.

Do you think Bruce would be so blase about Kris’s potential new relationship?