Bruce Jenner’s Reported Plastic Surgery to Remove Adam’s Apple — No Longer on Hold (UPDATE)
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Bruce Jenner’s Reported Plastic Surgery to Remove Adam’s Apple — No Longer on Hold (UPDATE)

UPDATE (January 22, 2014): It's been a month, and reports are emerging that Bruce has now gone through with the surgery. “The car took him back to his Malibu home, and he was told no talking for a few days,” an insider told The National Enquirer (via Radar Online).

UPDATE (December 16, 2013): According to TMZ, Bruce has put his Laryngeal Shave (Adam's Apple flattening) procedure on hold. Sources connected with Brucey say he was upset about the info got out and is blaming the doctor's office for leaking the details of his procedure. Looks like Bruce is going to take his business elsewhere when, and if, he reschedules the surgery. The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree yet.

(December 12, 2013): We’ve been spending so much time keeping up with the Kardashians (and the lady Jenners) that we almost forgot about Bruce Jenner. So what’s new in Bruce’s life these days? Well, according to TMZ, it may be a smoother neck. The former Olympian reportedly went in for a consult with a plastic surgeon about a laryngeal shave, a procedure that smooths out the Adam’s apple.

It was Bruce’s second visit to the doctor, whom, Jenner tells TMZ, he visited in September about a scar on his nose resulting from his skin cancer surgery in September. During this latest visit, he reportedly brought up the prospect of undergoing a laryngeal shave.

As TMZ points out, this procedure is a pretty common first step in gender reassignment, but Bruce told the site that’s not what this is about at all. “I just have never liked my trachea,” was the explanation supplied. While sources say Bruiser made a date for the procedure, he insists they’ve made no plans — it was only a consult.

Of course, this wouldn’t be his first time under the knife. Bruce famously had a disappointing facelift corrected on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

What do you think about Bruce’s latest plastic surgery musings?

Source: TMZ

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