Is Bruce Jenner Starting Over as Brigitte? — Rumor Patrol
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Is Bruce Jenner Starting Over as Brigitte? — Rumor Patrol

The Kardashian/Jenner family have faced some pretty crazy rumors over the years — some of them possibly true — but perhaps the most persistent is that patriarch Bruce Jenner wants to undergo a sex change. That particular gossip item has been popping up and fading away since the 70s, but it resurfaced with a vengeance recently when the former Olympian underwent a laryngeal shave — a procedure that reduces the appearance of the Adam’s apple.

The surgery is often the first step for transgender women undergoing reassignment, so Bruce’s decision to reduce his Adam’s apple certainly got some heads turning. However, Bruce himself told TMZ in December that the decision was made purely because of a long-held insecurity about the appearance of his throat. “I just have never liked my trachea,” he said at the time. Radar Online and the National Enquirer, on the other hand, have a completely different story: that Bruce is going all-in on gender reassignment and adopting the name Brigitte.

So is it true? We doubt it. Considering how long in the tooth these rumors are, we’re pretty sure Bruce would have transitioned by now if that was really what he wanted. But if Bruce Jenner really is transgender and in the process of transitioning, shouldn’t he be given privacy and respect as he embarks upon that difficult and life-changing journey?

So, whether Bruce is becoming Brigitte or simply enduring the most relentless celebrity rumor since the one about Walt Disney having his head cryogenically frozen, we think it’s maybe time to move on.