Does Bruce Jenner Have Cancer? The Answer Is…
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The Kardashians

Does Bruce Jenner Have Cancer? The Answer Is…

Poor papa Bruce Jenner! The patriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan had some very disheartening news for wife Kris Jenner during this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He thought he might have cancer.

It starts out sounding harmless enough. “I went to the ear doctor,” Bruce casually mentions to his wife at home one day, in an E! Online sneak peek video. "I took all these low pitch was very good, it's in the normal range. [High pitch] is where I have problems."

This is where things start to get a intense. "I have to get an makes sure you don't have a tumor or something like that on it," Bruce says.

His wife immediately starts to freak out. "A tumor? You have a tumor?!" Cut to a confessional, where Kris is waxing on about how her husband could potentially have brain cancer, and how nervous she is.

For his part, Bruce doesn’t seem too nervous. He assures Kris that the chances of finding a tumor are rare, but it’s not quite enough to calm her fears.

So what’s the word on the cancer? Luckily, Bruce is totally in the clear! After Papa B took an MRI, the doctor revealed that his results were all clear. However, he did say that Bruce would benefit from hearing aids. Not the greatest news, but when you consider the alternative: We bet he'll take it!

Source: E! Online