Are Bruce and Kris Jenner Getting Divorced? Brody Jenner Says…
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Are Bruce and Kris Jenner Getting Divorced? Brody Jenner Says…

The Kardashian empire is crumbling around us, and there's only so much more we can take. It was bad enough when news of Lamar Odom's philandering behavior broke (Khlomar forever!), but now that rumors of Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation have hit the Internet, we're in full blown panic mode.

Kris and Bruce haven't always had the best relationship (remember when she tried to change her name back to Kardashian? That was awkward), but they're cute in their own strange way. Sure, Bruce spends a lot of time all on his lonesome with his airplane models, and Kris often completely ignores his existence — but they're clearly in love. Which is why it's a huge relief that Brody Jenner has come forward and said that his dad and stepmom are still very much together.

"I stay out of their business, but as far as I’m concerned, they haven’t split up,” Brody recently told Now Magazine, adding that Bruce moved out of the family home to give Kim, Kanye and Baby North some space. “Dad’s been in Malibu — he grew up out here — and the press has made a big deal of it. It’s nothing to do with them breaking up."

In other news, Kris and Brody's relationship seems to be doing a lot better thanks to their shared screen time during this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“My relationship [with Kris] is getting better now, but for a long time growing up I didn’t see her that much and didn’t trust her intentions,” he explained. “We didn’t have the best relationship — not just with her, with my father Bruce, too ... Well, we’ve hashed out some stuff and our relationship has definitely got a bit better.”

Does this mean Kris is no longer slathering sunscreen on Brody and comparing his naked body to Bruce's? Because thank god.

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