Dancing With the Stars 2013: Bruno Tonioli Reveals What the Final 5 Must Do to Win
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Dancing With the Stars 2013: Bruno Tonioli Reveals What the Final 5 Must Do to Win

Tonight, Dancing With the Stars 2013 heads into semifinals, and unlike previous years, four of them will be in next week’s finale! Though it would seem that the stakes are lowered with more pairs in the finals, it’s the opposite — it will be down to the wire as everyone gives it their all for the Mirror Ball.

Fans can vote up a frenzy, but that only accounts for half of the votes. The judges will be tougher than ever this week and next, and the ever-fabulous Bruno Tonioli is already assessing the Final 5’s skills, dishing a bit of advice for all of them to USA Today.

First and foremost, he thinks Leaderboard topper Zendaya is a “natural” who is “captivating” and was completely unexpected. “She has a natural ease and incredible natural feel for the music. She's a stage animal you just have to watch,” he dishes.

However, she’s far from perfect. “She's better in fast dances, when her body goes for it. But when she has to do more lyrical dances, sometimes she throws away a free arm a little bit and it looks slightly broken,” he critiques of her throwing away her lines. But he thinks that can be fixed with a handful of ballet classes, which would teach her to elongate her lines.

As for her main competition Kellie Pickler, he thinks she’s “equally strong on ballroom and Latin,” dancing “technically without any fault,” but needs to be more connected to her performances and believe in herself. "Kellie, throw yourself into it with gay abandon!” he exclaims. "She has to believe in herself. Don't show doubt in her face. Ever. At all."

Bruno thinks that Aly Raisman has “shown the most growth” and has “developed into a fine little actress … peaking at just the right time.” To win it, she has to figure out the “tiny details” and a “slightly lighter touch in her feet to go from a 9 to a 10.” Overall, he says she must “add softness to the strength,” though “her journey has been fantastic [and] Mark Ballas has taught her so well.”

Aly isn’t the only one who needs to clean up her footwork, though. He says NFL player Jacoby Jones has charisma, humor, and individual style down pat, but he gets a little messy with his footwork and needs to be more “exact.” Since sportsmen do well, he thinks the freestyle dance could make it or break it for him. “Jacoby has that explosive energy that could bring the house down,” he says.

For underdog Ingo Rademacher, Bruno praises his improvement and how he “puts a lot of heart in what he does.” While Ingo has been “improving” and “raising his game,” he can be a “little rough to the eye, and he makes mistake.” If he controls his energy and smooths out his Latin, he has a shot, though.

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Source: USA Today