Burger King’s New Low-Cal “Satisfries” Available Today
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Burger King’s New Low-Cal “Satisfries” Available Today

There is absolutely no way I am ever ordering a “small Satisfry” at Burger King. Those words sound so ridiculous that I would be embarrassed not only for myself, but also for those people behind the counter who have to yell my order over to the people at the bubbling deep fryers.

While I may never let these words pass my lips, I’m betting there are plenty of other enthusiastic Burger King customers who are eager to give their taste buds the experience of the new low-calorie French fry option. Released today, The New York Times says that the new crinkle-cut “Satisfries” available at the B.K. Lounge tout 20 percent fewer calories than the veteran option, weighing in at 270 calories in a small order as opposed to the usual 340.

Burger King executives say customers will not be able to tell that they’re eating a low-cal version of their favorites, except for the fact that they’ll look different and cost $.30 extra.

This is interesting, because when the fast-food chain was asked how it managed to cut the calories, Burger King said they use the same ingredients as their regular fries — potatoes, oil, and batter. They're even made in the same fryers and cooked for the same amount of time as regular fries. The difference, they say, is that the proportions have been adjusted to “block out more oil.”

I remain skeptical, of course, probably because of all the news that continues to surface about how bad the so-called “healthy options” are at fast food joints. The fact is that fast food is and always will be unhealthy, whether you throw in a leafy green here and there, or claim to “block out more oil.” If the ingredients are the same and it’s being prepared the same way, it’s unhealthy.

But who am I to judge? I want to know what you think of this new option. Are you going to check out Burger King’s new “Satisfries” this week? Give us a review below!

Source: The New York Times

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09.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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