Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ali Have a Baby?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ali Have a Baby?

Last season, Pretty Little Liars floated the theory that Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) was pregnant when she died. The storyline turned out to be a somewhat contrived red herring, with Mona eventually revealing to Spencer via Ali’s diary that Ali’s pregnancy was a false alarm. Now that we know Ali is alive, however, we’re beginning to wonder: Was Ali lying in her diary? Did she actually have a baby?

Running Away

We’re still not sure why Ali faked her death, but she obviously wanted to get out of town for some reason. It could have been because she feared for her life. It could have been because she was pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know about it. It could have been because she was pregnant and, therefore, feared for her life because as she says in this flashback “If [the father] finds out, he’s gonna kill me.” However it went down, pregnancy would have definitely been an expediting factor. Not only could it have been the catalyst for her stalker’s anger, but a catalyst for her choosing the extreme option of faking her own death as she had a life other than her own to protect.

Staying Away

Ali not only ran away, but stayed away for more than nine months. It’s almost as if she had a nine-month secret to hide. We understand that Ali was afraid for her life, but she could have tried to contact one of the Liars in the succeeding days. Perhaps she didn’t want them (or anyone) to find out about her pregnancy. If it were only herself that she had to protect, perhaps she would have considered risking reaching out to the Liars, but a baby raises the stakes.

CeCe’s Disappearance

We’re still not sure if CeCe and Ali were friends or frenemies, but CeCe was the only person Ali seemed to confide in when she thought she was pregnant that means something. Did Ali continue to confide in CeCe after her fake death? CeCe disappeared for a few weeks last season. The Liars assumed she was away on “A” business, but what if she went to help Ali? CeCe broke up with Jason the day after Ali’s disappearance. To the casual observer, this seems seriously heartless, but maybe CeCe was doing it because she knew Ali was still alive and needed her help. It would have been hard to be with Jason and lie to him about something so major.

Ezra’s Motives

It seems kismet that Ezra’s storyline in Season 3 revolved around a son he never knew he had. Coincidence or foreshadowing? We’re inclined to believe the latter, and that Ezra is the potential father of Ali’s child, which is why he is so desperate to find Alison. We imagine this desperation would only increase after falling in love with Malcolm only to find out that he is not, in fact, his biological son. If this theory is true, it still leaves Ezra’s motives in question: is he trying to find Ali to help her or to hurt her? Man, we hope it’s the former.

Do you think Ali had a baby? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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