Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Much Will Ali Be in Season 4?

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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Much Will Ali Be in Season 4?

With the dual reveals that Alison Dilaurentis is alive and that we will be seeing more of Sasha Pieterse in Season 4, we can’t help but wonder how much Ali screen time we will actually be getting. Does “more” mean one or two episodes, or will Ali be popping back and forth between Rosewood and life on the run fairly often?

Best case scenario: Alison would become a recurring character on par with Ezra or Toby i.e. someone who is in the Liars’ lives, but not around for every episode. We have so many questions we want Alison to answer, and so many non-Liar characters we want to see her interact with. The odds of these meet-and-greets happening increases exponentially with Ali as a recurring character in the PLL universe.

Odds: Low. From the looks of the winter premiere promo, it isn’t safe for Ali to come back to Rosewood with “A” still hot on her tail. This probably means that we won’t be seeing Alison as frequently as we’d like.

A more likely scenario is that Alison will show up for three or four of the Season 4B episodes, either in person or in flashback as the mystery of “A” and Alison’s faked death unravels. PLL has at least another season of stories to tell in Season 5, which means the truth surrounding the “A” game cannot be solved too quickly. The reveal that Alison is alive certainly presents some new questions, but not enough to sustain the series over another season-and-a-half at least if the reasons for Ali’s “death” are fully revealed now. If Alison is in town and able to answer all of the Liars questions, this show could be wrapped up by the Season 4 finale!

Odds: Moderate. We think the occasional Alison appearance in Season 4B is more likely to happen, with the mid-run appearances occurring in flashback form as Alison will most likely be out of Rosewood and on the run.

Another possibility is that Alison will only pop up in the “most important” episodes of the half-season, i.e. the winter premiere and the Season 4 finale. These bookend episodes tend to see the most “A” game-related developments, which means Ali will be most needed. When it comes down to it, this show is about Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna -- not about Alison. Which means those in-between episodes will mostly focus on their relationships with one another and the current “A” game more than Ali’s part in it.

Odds: Low. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but we think Alison will be around for more than just the winter premiere and season finale. The reveal that she is alive begs more answers than just those two episodes can give us.

How much of Alison do you think we will see in Season 4B? How much of her do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below!

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