Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Aria Tell Ezra She Killed Shana?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Aria Tell Ezra She Killed Shana?

In tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, we’ll be getting the first real Ezria conversation of the season. (We don’t count raspy hospital bed warnings as a convo.) These two have a lot to discuss, including what exactly went down after Aria (Lucy Hale) left the hospital that fateful night. Will Aria tell Ezra (Ian Harding) that she killed Shana?

No. Aria doesn’t trust Ezra. Ezra is exactly #1 on Aria’s confidante list right about now. As evidenced in this sneak peek, Aria is still not over Ezra’s epic betrayal of her trust (and rightly so, in our opinion). Though we doubt Ezra would spill Aria’s secret — he’s better at the keeping of secrets, after all — Aria doesn’t have the kind of emotional distance we do from the situation. From her perspective, Ezra has lied to her about the very foundation of their relationship, and she can’t be sure what else has been a lie. “He’s alive. He’s safe. But we are over. You guys can ask me to do anything else, but you can’t ask me to do that,” Aria says about Ezra in tonight’s episode when the Liars ask her to talk to Ezra and make sure he doesn’t spill the beans about Ali’s lie. Does this sound like a relationship Aria is about to trust with such a life-altering secret? Answer: nope!

Yes. The guilt is eating her up. On the other hand, just because Aria isn’t planning to spill her secret, doesn’t mean she won’t. Ezra’s baby blues can be particularly mesmerizing. After all, Aria isn’t planning on even seeing Ezra, but as we can see in the Canadian promo for tonight’s episode, she just can’t stay away. Not to mention that Aria’s emotional state is particularly precarious right now. In the same promo, we see her confiding in Spencer: “I need to know that it didn’t happen: Shana in the theater.” She’s heading towards a total breakdown and, given Ezria’s complicated emotional history, we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in Ezra’s presence and resulted in a total confession from Aria.

No. Because he’s figured it out himself. Let’s give Ezra a little credit. He is apparently a good enough stalker to figure out Shana was after Ali way before anyone else did. Also, the death in question happened at his family’s theater, a theater at which the employees know him by name. You better believe he’s caught wind of a young girl’s tragic death. Furthermore, he knows that Aria left the hospital that night, ready to do anything to protect her friends. He has all the pieces of the puzzle. If he hasn’t figured out that Aria was the one who killed Shana in self-defense, then he must have deduced that one of the Liars is most likely responsible. If he asks Aria point blank if it was her, would she really be able to lie about it?

Do you think Aria will tell Ezra the truth about Shana’s death? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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