Ravenswood Burning Question: Why Hasn’t Caleb Left Yet?
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Ravenswood Burning Question: Why Hasn’t Caleb Left Yet?

Let’s face it: Rosewood is probably pretty lame now that Caleb Rivers has left town and moved on over to Ravenswood. But it’s not like the original R-wood is the only place suffering from his presence, or lack thereof. It seems like ever since Caleb showed up in the haunted town, things have only gotten worse. So, uh, why is he still there?

Think about it: He meets Miranda on a bus while on his way to help out his girlfriend Hanna Marin, and due to the nutty discovery of his face on a grave, he ends up staying. While we understand that he wants to know why someone with his name and face died a hundred years ago… Isn’t it maybe time to cut his losses?

First, Miranda, his only friend in town, dies. Then he finds out that she’s a ghost and she keeps showing up at creepy moments to hang out with him. By now he knows that the town is clearly haunted, and thanks to Remy and their séance, he’s probably figured out that he might be one of the next to die. And may we remind you that he hasn’t seen Hanna since he got there, he barely talks to her, and we are dying about that?

Logically, what should he do? Pick up and peace out, putting his relationship with the only girl who matters at the top of his priorities? Remembering that even though some other girl he just met is haunted and dead-ish and all, Hanna isn’t any safer, or any less tormented by a psychopath who can actually kill her?

Or, should he stick around, knowing that he might be the next to die? His mission is two-fold: First, he wants to figure out his familial connections to the town, including why people keep talking about a “Caleb Rivers.” Second, he wants to help Miranda on her own journey, while… honestly, we’re not sure what he hopes to achieve there.

What do you think: Does it make sense that Caleb is still hanging around Ravenswood, or would you think that the Caleb Rivers you know might have left already? Tell us below and tune in to the midseason finale on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET!

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