Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Can the Liars Trust Mona? Janel Parrish Says…
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Can the Liars Trust Mona? Janel Parrish Says…

Trusting Pretty Little LiarsMona (Janel Parrish) usually ends in emotional whiplash. Sure, she confessed to Wilden’s murder seemingly for Hanna’s benefit, but in the Season 4 summer finale we saw her meeting up with Shana. Where does the former “A’s” loyalties lie?! Janel Parrish talked to E!Online on the subject of trusting Mona...

"As we saw in the finale, Mona is kind of back in the A suspect list even though the girls thought they could trust her,” Janel said. “She doesn't like that she has been squeezed out by the inner circle again and so she is going to start hanging out with a different group.”

Basically, Mona gave the Liars a chance, but they understandably don’t want to be BFFs with the girl who regularly plotted their misery in seasons one and two. Still, we’re not ready to give up on Mona as a Liars ally just yet. Though Janel hinted that Mona would be looking elsewhere for alliances, that doesn’t mean she’s completely given up on the Liars, or that she would be working against them with her new “group.”

So, who might Mona’s lucky new allies be?: "The person that she starts hanging out with is kind of a shocker in her storyline but she'll start hanging out with somebody and maybe make a love connection that fans will be surprised about,” said Janel. "Mona gets a love interest, finally; I think she deserves one! And it's kind of a shocking one, so I think fans will love it.

We have to admit, we’re excited to see what kind of guy Mona will fall for. She’s dated Noel Kahn and “serial dated” members of the lacrosse team, but we’ve never really seen her get emotionally attached to anyone - except for maybe Hanna. Who will she finally let her guard down to? Possibilities already in Rosewood include Lucas and Jason. She can bond with the former about their common pasts as Ali’s chew toys. As for the latter, we saw her snuggling up with Ali’s older brother once on the DiLaurentis porch. Could there be more to their relationship than we ever knew?

Do you think Mona can be trusted? Who do you think her love interest might be? Share your theories in the comments below!

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