Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Caroline and Tyler Get Back Together?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Caroline and Tyler Get Back Together?

We didn’t think there was any chance Forwood would be getting back together on The Vampire Diaries soon after the way Tyler (Michael Trevino) reacted to Caroline’s (Candice Accola) steamy hook up with Klaus. Then, we saw this sneak peek for Thursday’s episode. Sure, it’s awkward at first, but once the ice is broken, they’re downright friendly to one another. Is there a chance that these two are getting back together?

Yes, if only for an ill-advised rebound

Can two people have a rebound from a long-time relationship they were both a part of? Totally, and we think it might be about to happen to Forwood. There’s still a lot left unsaid between these two. Tyler walked out on Caroline when she didn’t want to give up on their relationship. Then, Caroline hooked up with Klaus when Tyler was all about getting back together. Will these two mistake the lack of closure for a desire to get back together? Probably, and we’re not so sure it’s a good idea.

No, Caroline shredded things

On the other hand, Caroline does seem to be really into this “turning a new leaf” thing. In the hubbub that was the Klaroline horse drawing shredding (#neverforget), it’s almost easy to forget that Caroline also shredded a photo of she and Tyler together at the Bitter Ball. Homegirl has said she’s ready to move on, and we think she is. The friendly vibes we were getting in the sneak peek could have just been that: friendly. Caroline already has experience staying good friends with another ex, Matt, and we think she might be enacting the same skillset here.

No, Tyler has not yet forgiven Caroline

Of course, Caroline is nothing if not a forgiving and loving person to the people she is in relationships with (romantic and platonic), and she’s a total marshmallow at heart. In the synopsis for the next episode, “Stefan tries to comfort a dejected Caroline.” Um, why is she dejected? We think she may have tried to get back together with Tyler, and he turned her down. Though Tyler was putting on a cheery facade in the sneak peek, we know how much Caroline’s forest rendezvous with Klaus hurt him. This is the person who killed his mother. He may have forgiven Caroline as a friend, but not as a girlfriend.

Do you think Forwood will get back together? Do you want them to? Sound off in the comments below!

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