Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did “A” Kill Melissa?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did “A” Kill Melissa?

Melissa’s (Torrey Devitto) secrets will finally be revealed in tonight’s penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars, but will Melissa be around to tell it? With one episode left until the #fAtalfinale, we’re seriously worried about Spencer’s big sister — it could already be too late. Did “A” kill Melissa?

Yes, Melissa recorded the video because she knows she’s doomed. Recording a video confessional on Pretty Little Liars is the equivalent of signing one’s death warrant. At the end of last week’s ep, Melissa did just that, recording a message to Spencer that the Liar will presumably see in tonight’s episode. Why would Melissa, after keeping her secret for so long, give it up? Earlier in the episode, Melissa explained to Spence that she isn’t safe in Rosewood. Did that threat become more immediate, prompting Melissa to record the message? Did she know that her minutes were numbered? Did “A” get to her shortly after? If we don’t see Melissa in tonight’s episode, then we’d be seriously worried that her’s might be the death revealed in the summer finale.

No, Melissa is a survivor. Then again, if anyone on this show is a survivor, it’s Melissa. She has access to an apartment in London, flights to anywhere in the world, and knowledge about what the heck is going down in Rosewood. Basically, she’s better equipped than anyone on this show to survive. She’s also proven herself willing to go to drastic measures to survive, possibly killing Detective Wilden to keep both herself and Spencer safe from his clutches. If “A” has decided to go after Melissa, we’d be just as worried about “A” as Melissa.

No, Melissa is “A.” We’re still not convinced that Melissa herself isn’t “A”, which would make this theory a lot less likely. If Melissa is controlling everything in Rosewood, then she has nothing to worry about. Even if the Liars are after her, they have rarely gotten close enough to pose any real threat. Though, if Melissa is “A”, it would put her concern for both her own and Spencer’s safety in interesting perspective because we think it’s real. It is valuable to remember that even “A” has threats to worry about.

Do you think “A” killed Melissa? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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