Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ali Kill Wilden?
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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ali Kill Wilden?

Though we may have solved Ali’s alleged murder (it was no one), we’re still no closer to discovering the identity of Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) killer. Who shot the Pretty Little Liars cop? The more we think about it, the more we wonder if Ali wasn’t the one behind the crime.

Yes, he was getting too close to her. Wilden was tasked with investigating Ali’s murder. Was he getting too close to discovering that the mean girl was still alive? Or perhaps that she was the one to kill the girl buried in her grave? Or maybe she thought Wilden was “A”? Any one of these might have been motive for Ali offing the Rosewood police officer. It seems like overkill, but Ali was seriously freaked out in her time away, especially in recent months, and Wilden was dangerous. We’re not ruling out this possibility.

Yes, she did it to protect the Liars. Though we may not have any hard evidence that Wilden was after Ali, we do have plenty of circumstantial evidence that he was after the Liars. Melissa told Spencer that Wilden was the original Queen of Hearts and set fire to the Thornhill Lodge. Did Ali kill Wilden to protect her friends? Was she afraid that Wilden was one move away from seriously injuring or even killing one of the Liars? She was there the night of the Thornhill fire, and could have seen Wilden make a move against her best friends. Wilden’s murder was shortly after.

No, Melissa did it

When Melissa semi-confessed to Spencer her knowledge of the “A” game, she also implied that she was the one to kill Wilden, and that she did it to keep Spencer safe. Did Melissa kill Wilden? We wouldn’t put anything by the Hastings. She’s calculating and clever, and has some kind of connection to the “A” game that we don’t fully understand. It was hinted at in the Season 4 finale that Melissa may have killed the girl in Ali’s grave. Did Wilden discover this and use it to blackmail Melissa into doing his bidding? Did Melissa kill him to keep her secret?

No, someone else did it. As we’ve mentioned before, Wilden wasn’t the most popular guy in town. He was a corrupt cop who used his position of authority to bully others into doing what he wanted. He was also mixed up with the “A” game in some way. What we’re getting at is: there are many people who wished Wilden dead. Furthermore, Ali seemed pretty concerned with staying as far away from Rosewood as possible around the time of Wilden’s death. Why would she come back to take him out, only to endanger herself in the process?

He’s not really dead. You never can tell with this show.

Do you think Ali killed Wilden? If not, who did? Share your theories in the comments below!

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