Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Aria Stab Alison?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Aria Stab Alison?

Sometimes, it takes a few seasons to answer our Pretty Little Liars burning questions. However, we rarely forget these pressing inquiries and, when new information presents itself — say, the return of Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) with a mysterious new scar — we revisit said mysteries. This time, we’re going back to the Season 3 Halloween special to ask the question: Did Aria (Lucy Hale) stab Ali on the Halloween train?

Yes, Ali was trying to kill Aria . You better believe we’re wondering how Alison got that gruesome scar on her thigh, and why she seemed so desperate to keep Hanna from asking any questions about it. A possible explanation is that Ali was the person Aria stabbed through the slates of the crate she was locked in on the Halloween train. As you may recall, Aria was drugged and stuck in a box with Garrett's corpse. When two people tried to push said crate out of the moving train, Aria fought back by stabbing a screw driver through the cracks and into one of her attackers. If Ali was the person she stuck, then it certainly explains not only the severity of the wound Ali seemed to sustain, but also why she is so desperate to keep the truth from the Liars. If they find out that she almost killed Aria and was possibly working with Wilden, then the Liars would never forgive Ali and, right now, they are her chief allies.

No, Aria stabbed Wilden. One of the reasons we haven’t suspected Ali before is that, when Aria stabbed someone, the subsequent reaction sounded like it came from a man. We think Wilden may have been the one who Aria stabbed that night. Another factor in Ali’s favor is the placement of her scar. Aria stabbed someone through the top of the crate. For Ali to have been stabbed in the thigh, she would have had to be on top of the crate. This seems unlikely given that Wilden and his companion were trying to push the crate out at the time. Ali climbing on top of the crate would only add extra weight and put Ali herself in danger.

Yes, but Ali was trying to help Aria. We’ve always assumed that the two people Aria can hear arguing outside of the crate were working together to push her off of the train, but what if they were actually at odds? Did Ali show up to try to stop Wilden from pushing the crate off of the train with Aria still inside of it? If so, Ali’s climbing on top of the crate makes a lot more sense, as it might have prevented Wilden and any other possible accomplices from succeeding in their mission, and the placement of Ali’s scar matches up with her possible actions on the Halloween Train.

Do you think Aria stabbed Ali on the Halloween train. If so, what was Ali doing there? Sound off in the comments below!

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