Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Cece Sabotage Spencer’s College Chances?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Cece Sabotage Spencer’s College Chances?

If UPenn isn’t accepting the Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) of the world, then who exactly are they accepting? Now that Cece (Vanessa Ray) has officially been revealed as some sort of black hoodie-wearing, eavesdropping baddie, we are super suspicious of the “help” she gave Spencer in applying for UPenn. Did Cece really pass Spence’s application onto her admissions rep friend? Or was this a chance for revenge against the Liars?

Plot Refresher

Way back in Season 3, Episode 9: “The Kahn Game, ”Cece was still pretending to be the Liars’ friend. When Spencer actually forgets to apply to her #1 choice college, Cece offers to pass Spencer’s early admission application to UPenn to her admissions rep friend. Cece appeared to save the day. Spencer even got an email back from the admissions department saying her application had been received. But had it?

Did Cece fake the confirmation email?

Spence received the email confirming UPenn had received her application on a Friday night. This immediately seemed suspicious to us (what admissions department is sending emails on a Friday night?), but as we didn’t have any hard evidence against Cece we weren’t sure why she would go out of her way to ruin Spencer’s life. Now that we know Cece hates the Liars, this email seems totally suspect. We never even saw the admissions rep who was supposedly attending a party at the Kahn lakehouse. Did Cece make the entire thing up?

Did Cece actively sabotage Spencer’s application?

We’re not sure which would be worse: if Cece made the whole thing up, or if she actually knew an admissions rep and used her familiarity to ensure that Spencer not get into UPenn. Did Cece pass along Spence’s application, but with the express instructions it was rejected. Conceivably, Cece could have even changed Spencer’s application with an entirely new essay, SAT scores, and recommendation letters. Spencer’s credentials - both familial and academic - are impeccable. Frankly, someone probably would have had to sabotage Spencer’s application in order for her not to get into UPenn.

Is Spencer’s rejection from UPenn fake?

If Cece didn’t sabotage Spencer’s application, could the actual rejection be a fake? Spencer was a shoo-in for UPenn. Did she actually get in? Could Cece have intercepted her acceptance letter and switched it for a rejection? We’re not sure what purpose this would serve other than to make Spencer’s life miserable but maybe that’s purpose enough for Cece. If Cece blames the Liars for getting her kicked out of college, there’s something poetic about her dashing Spencer’s own college dreams.

Is Spence going to ask any of these questions?

Spencer is usually on the ball with these things. As soon as Cece became a suspect in the “A” game, why would Spencer not immediately think of the application Cece allegedly got to the UPenn admissions department for her? Is she blinded by the insecurities she has concerning living up to the Hastings family’s ridiculously high expectations? Or is she just too distracted by “A”? We hope this plot point is visited again. It’s not like Spencer to let details like these slide.

Do you think Cece sabotaged Spencer’s UPenn aspirations? Share your theories in the comments below!

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