Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ezra Push Ian Off The Bell Tower?
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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Ezra Push Ian Off The Bell Tower?

Way back in the Season 1 finale of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was very nearly killed by Ian (Ryan Merriman). At the last minute, however, someone dressed in the classic “A” uniform of black hoodie and black gloves pushed Ian off of the church bell tower to his death instead, effectively saving Spence’s life. We’ve yet to discover the identity of this mystery figure, but given the recent reveal of Ezra’s (Ian Harding) “A” status we’re beginning to think it was Mr. Fitz.

He’s been following the Liars

As evidenced by his uber-lair, Ezra has been keeping a close eye on the Liars. In fact, he (or one of his minions) seem to be following them at all times. Spencer almost died when Ian attacked her because the Liars were too far away to help. If Ezra was conducting surveillance on Spencer that night and also knew the Liars weren’t going to make it in time to save their friend, he would have realized that he was the only one who could save Spencer.

He was in Rosewood that night

We also know that Ezra was definitely in Rosewood that night as, earlier in the episode, he is seen attending a Hollis faculty mixer held by Byron Montgomery at Aria’s house. On first watch, we assume that he stayed there all night, but he could have easily slipped away to follow Spencer. After all, big things were going down that night. Spence was in possession of a flash drive that contained a video of Ian with Ali the day of her disappearance.

He’s strong enough

Whoever pushed Ian from the bell tower that night had to have been fairly strong. Sure, there was an element of surprise, but Ian wasn’t completely unaware of Black Hoodie’s approach. Plus, he was a relatively big guy. It wouldn’t have been easy to overpower him. Spencer had tried just moments before as she fought for her life. It seems unlikely that someone smaller (i.e. Ali or Mona) would have been able to push Ian off of the bell tower.

Ian knew the pusher

Before Black Hoodie pushes Ian to his death, Ian asked him “What are you doing here?” This implies that Ian knew the mysterious figure. Both Ian and Ezra were teachers at Rosewood High at the time and surely would have known who each other was, even if they had never had a conversation. Ian’s question also implies surprise that the familiar figure is there at all. We would have been surprised to see Mr. Fitz there, too.

He seems to like the Liars

Whatever is going on with Ezra, we can’t believe that all of the goodwill he has exhibited towards the Liars has been fake. Brushing past the creepy surveillance for now, he seems to genuinely like and want to help the Liars. If he saw someone trying to kill Spencer, we can’t imagine he would stand idly by.

PLL has never answered the question

Season 1 was a long time ago and, though we are still waiting for many answers from the show’s first season, the identity of who pushed Ian off of the bell tower seems an odd one to keep from us. PLL could have easily decided that Mona, as the Original “A,” was the one who killed Ian, but they decided not to. Perhaps, they’ve been waiting to pin it on Ezra. If we’re to believe that he has been engaged in some kind of clandestine mission whether good or evil this entire time, then we’re going to need some evidence. A decisive move like killing Ian/saving Spencer way back in the Season 1 finale would go a long way towards convincing us.

Do you think Ezra was the one who pushed Ian from the bell tower? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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