The Originals Burning Question: Did Finn Return With Esther?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: Did Finn Return With Esther?

The final minutes of The Originals Season 1 finale saw two Mikaelsons rising from the dead, but which Mikaelsons were they? (It can be so hard to get a positive I.D. when supernaturals come back to life in other supernaturals’ bodies, you know?) It was heavily implied that the lady-witch is none other than Esther — aka Mikaelson matriarch, witch, and all-around terrible grandma. But who was the man-witch who called her mother? We speculate below.

Finn. Odds are the son in question was Finn, the eldest of the Mikaelson siblings (well, if you don’t count Unnamed Eldest Mikaelson who died of the plague before the fam relocated to America from Eastern Europe). Finn makes the most sense because he’s plotted with his mother to destroy his siblings before and tends to follow his mother’s lead in the same way the man-witch did in last night’s episode did. Coincidence? We think not.

Kol. The other slightly-less-likely frontrunner is Kol, younger brother to Klaus and Elijah. Kol was killed on Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, but has popped back up several times as a ghost. Most recently, he appeared on the Other Side, the supernatural purgatory currently collapsing on TVD. Given that TVD and The Originals exist in the same fictional universe, it was most likely the weakening of the Other Side that allowed Mikael to pester Davina into bringing him back and, perhaps, played a role in allowing Esther to make the jump back into a mortal body. Did Kol hitch a ride from the Other Side with his mother in order to save himself from whatever oblivion exists on the other side of the Other Side?

Henrik. Are we the only ones waiting for slain Mikaelson sibling Henrik to make a reappearance? Yeah, this would be pretty far out-there and need a lot of explaining given that Henrik died when he was a young boy in the 10th century, but if anyone can pull off this plot twist, it’s The Originals. Henrik’s death-by-werewolf was a huge turning point in the life of the Mikaelsons. It became an incredible source of guilt for Klaus, who was there when it happened, and drove Mikael to ask Esther to turn their remaining children into immortals (aka vampires). Bringing Henrik back into the fold in some way could be super interesting.

Do you think Finn returned with Esther or do you think the man-witch in the Season 1 finale was a different Mikaelson? Share your theories in the comments below!

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