Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Jason Kill Wilden?
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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Jason Kill Wilden?

We scored a few answers in the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, but not the answer to who killed Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson). Meanwhile, Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) has steered clear of Rosewood since Wilden’s murder. Is he really just busy helping Grandma DiLaurentis fix up her house “down South,” as Mrs. DiLaurentis told Emily, or is he staying away for another reason? Did Jason kill Detective Wilden?

Wilden rage

Last time we checked, Jason totally believed that Wilden had gotten his teenaged sister (aka Ali) pregnant and murdered her. (Thanks for that, Spencer.) That’s generally more than enough motive for murder. We also know that J has a temper of his own. For a while, he was even afraid that he had killed his own sister, as he can’t remember much about the night of her disappearance. Thinking him responsible for Ali’s murder, did Jason take justice into his own hands and kill Wilden?

Reward money

This is a particularly likely theory if we also believe the speculation that it was Ezra who got the reward money from Jason for information surrounding Ali’s death. If Ezra is “A” and potentially tried to kill Ali himself, then it would have been in his best interest to point a murderer in another direction. Did Ezra give Jason information that it was Wilden who allegedly killed Ali?

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Jason Kill Wilden?
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The CeCe connection

If Wilden’s death didn’t just come about as a consequence of Ali’s “death,” then it could have been a result of his treatment of other women in Rosewood, namely CeCe. Though Jason and CeCe don’t seem like the best of friends, we know they have a history together. They dated until the day after Ali’s “death,” when CeCe ended things. (Classy.) Could Jason still have feeling for his ex-girlfriend? A few episodes before Wilden dies, he is seen rough handling CeCe into his police cruiser. Shortly after, CeCe flees Rosewood, supposedly because she is afraid of Wilden. Did Jason seek take Wilden out to keep CeCe safe?

Jason disappearance

We can’t help but find Jason’s aforementioned hiatus from Rosewood suspicious. He left a few episodes before Wilden’s murder (alibi, anyone?), and still hasn’t returned. Is he giving Rosewood a wide berth to keep himself free of the Wilden murder investigation. As long as he is out of Rosewood, it seems unlikely that anyone will suspect him of Wilden’s murder. We’re guessing Grandma D.’s house is going to need a lot more work.

Do you think Jason killed Wilden? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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