Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Mr. Hastings Kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Mr. Hastings Kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars strongly implied that Mr. Hastings was the one who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis in the Season 4 finale. Like any theory openly floated by PLL, we have our reservations. Would PLL really reveal Mrs. D.’s killer so quickly and relatively clearly? We speculate below: Did Mr. Hastings kill Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Whatever the truth about Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death, it is sure to have nuance and surprise in the reveal of the killer’s motive in this way, we think there’s a high likelihood that Mr. Hastings is the person we’re looking for. In the hours leading up to her death, Mrs. DiLaurentis had a heated conversation with Mr. Hastings at the police department. He wanted to ensure that she would continue to keep whatever she knew about his family a secret. Mrs. D., flustered by the knowledge that Ali was actually still alive, gave Mr. Hastings no such assurances. Later, Melissa confesses something to her dad about the girl buried in Ali’s grave. Mr. Hastings goes white and, shortly after, Mrs. DiLaurentis is killed. This sequence of events does not look good for Mr. Hastings, especially given his behavior following Mrs. D.’s death. He keeps Melissa from telling Spencer the truth because, if Spencer doesn’t know, she doesn’t have to lie about it. Sounds like Mr. Hastings is already preparing himself and his family for the court case.

We are relatively sure that Mrs. DiLaurentis’ killer resides in the Hastings house; we’re just not so sure it’s the patriarch of the family. We’re just as suspicious of both Melissa and Mrs. Hastings especially the latter. In this sneak peek for next week’s ep, we learn that Mrs. Hastings is not getting much sleep and is anxious about the crime scene in their backyard. Is this more than just a matter of annoyance? Is this her guilt at having committed the very crime the police are investigating eating away at her?

Unlike Mr. Hastings, Mrs. Hastings has never been fond of their next door neighbor. Maybe they were friends before Mrs. DiLaurentis had an affair with Mrs. Hastings’ husband that resulted in Jason, forever tying their two families together. But, for as long as we have known these characters, Mrs. Hastings has actively not liked Mrs. DiLaurentis. We’re not saying that is motive for murder, but if Veronica thought she needed to kill Mrs. DiLaurentis to keep one of her daughters safe, we think she’d have an easier time of it than her husband.

On the other hand, we have to believe that if one of the Hastings parentals did kill Mrs. DiLaurentis they wouldn’t have buried her in their own backyard. These are super smart people who try to get other people off of murder charges all the time. You’d think they would have already have planned out how to carry out the perfect murder. No, if they had killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, the police would not have found her or, if they did, they would have found her as part of an elaborate suicide ruse or frame job that would have kept all suspicions firmly out of their own backyard. Right?

Do you think Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? If not, who did? Share your theories in the comments below!

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