Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Mrs. DiLaurentis Know Ali Was Alive?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Did Mrs. DiLaurentis Know Ali Was Alive?

Turns out Mrs. DiLaurentis was a keeper of many secrets before her untimely death in the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale. (Guess she didn’t know that two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead.) But was one of those secrets the knowledge that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) was alive?!

Yes, She Totally Knew

Even before Ali revealed herself as alive to the Liars and us in the Season 4 Halloween special, there were quite a few clues that Mrs. D. seemed to think her baby girl was still alive and kicking. First of all, she returned to Rosewood, aka the place where everyone sees her as the woman whose daughter was murdered. Furthermore, she kept Ali’s room exactly the same as it was when her daughter was living there, complete with weekly linen changes. Not to mention the fact that someone was living in the DiLaurentis crawl space. Could it have been Ali? There’s also the fact that, when the police told Mrs. DiLaurentis that her daughter was still alive, the woman didn’t seem all that surprised. Exhausted? Yes. Confused? Yes. But those emotions could have been a reaction to the fact that her daughter might actually be coming home in the foreseeable future and/or the news that the Rosewood PD had finally caught on to something half the town already seemed to know about. Useless dolts.

No, She Was Just Unstable

On the other hand, Mrs. DiLaurentis wasn’t exactly the most emotionally stable individual. She could have been maintaining Ali’s room as coping mechanism, unable to deal with the grief of losing a daughter. Alternatively, it could have been someone else perhaps CeCe or Ali’s twin who Mrs. D. was helping this whole time, and keeping the room ready for. After all, Mrs. DiLaurentis was protecting someone the night Ali was attacked, and it certainly wasn’t Ali. Perhaps, Mrs. DiLaurentis was even culpable in her death as in, more than just “unknowingly” burying her daughter alive. If so, it makes sense that Ali would have taken every measure to ensure that her mother never find out the truth about her continued life on the run.

Yes, But Ali Didn't Tell Her

Even if Mrs. DiLaurentis did know about her daughter’s continued existence, we’re hesitant to believe Ali was the one who told her. When the Liars mentioned her mother to her, she freaked out and implied that she couldn’t be trusted. But, if Ali wasn’t the one who filled Mrs. DiLaurentis in, who did? CeCe, perhaps? Or maybe even “A”? Did Jason find out that Ali was still alive during his search for information surrounding her death and let his mom in on the secret? This could have been why he returned home and why he was so intent on keeping an eye on his mother rather than indulging in heart-to-hearts with Spencer: he had just delivered some shocking information, and wanted to be there for her while she processed it.

Do you think Mrs. D. knew that Ali was still alive before the Rosewood PD filled her in? Sound off in the comments below!

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