The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Does Jeremy Have a Passenger Inside of Him?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Does Jeremy Have a Passenger Inside of Him?

Rumor has it the Travelers have planted Passengers inside of many Mystic Falls residents, including some of The Vampire Diaries main characters. It’s all very sleeper Cylon, and we love the tension it provides this show, which has struggled to stay consistently compelling in its fifth season. At any moment, any of the main characters could reveal themselves compromised, but we have our eye on one in particular: Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen). Does Jer have a Passenger inside of him?

Yes, he has been compromised

If the Travelers were to plant a Passenger in one of the main characters, they could do a lot worse than Jeremy. Not only is he a vampire hunter capable of taking on supernaturals without actually being one, but he holds significant emotional value to Elena, the last remaining Petrova doppelganger. If they need Elena to cooperate with their evil plans, all they need to do is endanger the life of her little brother. Heck, it’s not as if villains on this show haven’t used the strategy before!

Unlike some of the other characters on this show, there has also been an instance during which Jeremy could have been Passengered: when Enzo took him hostage. This was allegedly on Damon’s orders and before Enzo started doing favors for the Travelers, but we’re not really sure how long Enzo has been working for the Travelers. Could they have put a Passenger in Jeremy while Enzo was watching him? Perhaps, even Enzo himself has a Passenger inside of him?

There’s also the fact that the Traveler knife — aka the tool used to kill a Passenger without killing its host — will disappear from right under Jeremy and Matt’s noses, according to the Season 5, Episode 19 synopsis. Gross incompetence or Passenger shenanigans?

No, there are better options

On the other hand, might the Travelers have gone for Mystic Falls residents who have a little bit more supernatural power and, you know, who don’t have Calculus homework? If we were a Traveler, we’d go for the heavyweights: Damon, Stefan, or even Tyler. The first two are older vampires, which means more power, with access to an awesome mansion and considerable whiskey collection. The last is a hybrid, which is supposedly cool (and at least gives you the werewolf venom to kill vamps), and who also has a badass mansion.

There’s also the vampire hunter factor to consider. Jeremy’s status as a vampire hunter gives him some cool resistances, such as he can’t be compelled. Is it possible that the same abilities keep him from being a viable host for a Passenger? Perhaps.

Do you think Jeremy has a Passenger inside of him? Sound off in the comments below!

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